Six Elements

The first step to unpacking a child's potential, we begin with an end in mind - the right stuff, a combination of a strong inner drive in a direction chosen by your child, occurring in the early teens. Contrary to popular belief, the right stuff doesn’t just happen nor is it a matter of luck, it arises from a healthy interaction between parent and child in the first five years of life - providing the equivalent of the warm moist soil around an acorn, the ideal environment for the potential in your child to germinate and unfold.

... with each spin of the wheel - with each interaction we are continuously shaping the child in subtle ways.
The second element in our strategy suggests we explore a child’s potential as we would a traditional craft or skill - from a creative curious perspective - what is it and how can we coax it out of the child. We learn by trial and error, circular motion, walk around it see it from many angles and perspectives, we poke at it and probe it with our senses. We cannot study it directly but we can study the causes and conditions that enable it to spring forth.

With the birth of a child, something within us - ‘on-board parenting smarts’ springs out of dormancy and comes to life.

Use it or lose it.

There are no point programs in parenting -no guarantee that all our effort will pay off in any way. On the other hand, to witness the emergence of your child's potential, a.k.a the right stuff - entirely unique to him or her is a sweet spot - a rare and special moment in your personal journey as a parent.

The music, soccer, dance, tennis, ballet (whatever...) lessons are all little more than background noise relative to the moment to moment interaction between one parent and one child.

Everything in the biological world evolves according to a natural process. The better we understand the natural process through which a child's potential emerges the better we are able to align to and work with it.

In a Nutshell...